This is my first post in this website. And feel so excited to write. Before that, I wanna say thanks to my friend who mad this website for me “kaledh” Well, why am I make the name of this website “Explore sumatra Island”? Cause I wanna tell you and share with you the beauty of sumatra Indonesia . I love traveling so much! Especially trekking and see the real of nature in the world. So, if you kind of me. You should follow all my articles that I will make later. West sumatra have a lot of beautiful forest and a lot of amazing place to explore. One of that is:


This place call “air terjun nyarai”


This one is “Raflesia Arnoldi”


This on is “ngarai canyon Bukittinggi”

I will tell a lot of things about that place in my next article. So see you 😉

Best Regard,
Novi Mandasari